In the Beginning

My first database was written way back in 1988 as a means of tracking concert dresses. I was giving over 15 formal concerts a year as a member of the North Carolina Visiting Artist Program and wearing the same dress at a repeat venue was simply not acceptable. A simple table of venues, programs and outfits made choosing my outfit a no-brainer.

My next position was as the executive director of a community music school, and once again, I needed to find a way to manage data. Staying up late at night, I wrote my first system, schoolWIZARD replacing the dog-eared index cards and adding machines with a well-integrated registration and donation system.

Since becoming a full-time developer, my clients have included many businesses, universities and not-for-profit organizations. Each new client brings a new challenge, and that is the fun part!

We have used numerous middleware programs to bring Filemaker to the web including cdml, lasso and custom web publishing. On occassion we have used XML or Cold Fusion in conjunction with a SQL database, and lately, we are using Filemaker to generate static pages and PHP to drive an open source project.

We are always looking at new tools to make solutions that serve our clients needs. Sometimes it is a new language; sometimes it is a plugin; sometimes it is a new native technique. It is always about finding the solution that solves the challenge.