Did you miss a large sale last week when Mary was out and she was the only one who knew to call that potential client? Do you often fumble through a stack of papers looking for the last revised budget? Are your phone numbers scattered between your e-mail program, iPhone, Blackberry and that pad of paper on your desktop? Does it take 40 staff hours to assemble your payroll?  

If so, you are ready for some help.  

Pretty Cool Solutions has worked with many small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations to streamline and computerize their workflow systems since 1986.  

Working in partnership with each client, pretty cool solutions brings a practical and knowledgeable viewpoint to solving business challenges creatively, while maximizing resources.  

Following an in-depth review and analysis, desktop, web and paper-based solutions are developed making you work smarter!

Tools We Use


We have been using Filemaker since version 2.1. Well, we really disliked 2.1, but came back to Filemaker when it hit version 3. Over the years, the power of Filemaker has earned it a permanent place in our toolbox. It is the backbone of our business.

Omni Graffle

We love graphs. And we love seeing data flows on graphs even more. OmniGraffle gives us the right tool to create a visual representation of both a database or web structure.

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