Custom Development

pretty cool solutions is primarily a custom development firm. Working closely with each client, we define the specific challenges that are currently an obstacle to success, outline the expected outcomes and dream about what the future could hold with the right technology in place.

Our clients represent many different industries. The challenges they face are as individual as their companies but each of them is trying to gain control over the workflow and data. Each system addresses the personality and concerns of the client, but every solution created by pretty cool solutions share some attributes.

However, every solution created by pretty cool solutions shares some attributes:

  • attractive interface
  • consistent action bars
  • robust navigation
  • powerful query tools
  • complex routine wizards
  • dynamic and pre-configured reports
  • user configurable preferences
  • multiple security levels
  • pretty cool solutions works closely with each client to find the correct approach to developing the software application that will help their business reach its goals.


    Distributed Solutions

    Photography Department Tracker

    One of the great challenges for a large photography department is managing assets; both human and digital. The Photography Department Tracker manages humans and workflow, while a powerful online Digital Asset Management system built with Canto Cumulus takes care of the digital assets.

    The monthly calendar displays all department appointments including scheduled shoots. The department manager can quickly see new shoots as they enter the system and assign a photographer. Since all meetings and vacation days are also shown on the calendar, the risk of double-booking a photographer is greatly reduced.

    Shoot Lists quickly display all shoots by their current status, fully color-coded to allow quick review, while the detail screen shows every element of the event.

    Orders can be placed through Cumulus following review of the online DAM system or into Photography Department Tracker directly. Each order item is then placed into a fulfillment queue ready for action.

    Each shoot and order may be assigned to a project and/or allocated to a requisition number. Chargebacks to the billing department are quickly assembled at user-defined intervals. A task that had taken up to three days is now accomplished in less than a minute.

    The Photography Department Tracker includes a powerful query wizard, management reports, photographer reports and a wealth of financial reporting tools.

    schoolWIZARD & donationWIZARD

    schoolWIZARD and its accompanying module, donationWIZARD, were first developed in 1995 to manage the complex needs of a not-for-profit community music school. schoolWIZARD is a fully-integrated solution that has sophisticated tools to manage lists, registrations, donations and payments, to name just a few of the many features. schoolWIZARD includes many options for Financial Reports including one click Audit Reports.

    schoolWIZARD is too large and complex to provide a online demo. If an on-site demo is not practical, one can be arranged using a screen sharing program.

    Give us a call, or drop us an email to arrange your private demonstration.


    soloSHOP was originally created for a string instrument restoration business. The owner of this small business was frustrated by the amount of time it took to prepare quarterly sales tax returns, and found preparing year-end reports for his accountant to be excrutiating. Other time wasters included tracking unpaid accounts and preparing deposits.

    Furthermore, this owner had no control over profit margins. Aging inventory was being sold at outdated prices and being replaced at the current higher costs. Since his inventory was stored in a spreadsheet, there was no way to tell that a single item had been purchased from multiple vendors and at what price.

    soloSHOP solved all of these problems, plus gave this business control over its customer list. Multiple vendors, default profit margins by inventory category with over-ride capabilities, live inventory counts and fast reports have allowed this business to focus on restoring cellos instead of accounting for them.

    Of course, soloSHOP has strong query tools, a robust customer list, the ability to create invoices with both labor and part charges and enter payments against those invoices.

    soloSHOP serves any business that works with customers, must maintain an inventory of parts and sells those parts along with labor.

    soloSHOP is available as either a single or multi-user installation.

    Serial No Organizer

    Support and distribution of Serial No Organizer has been suspended.

    Moving Day

    Support and distribution of Moving Day has been suspended. We regret any inconvenience.


    Open Source Projects

    publicVR is a not-for-profit, 501(3)(c) organization dedicated to free software and methods for using Virtual Reality in education and research. Our tools and methods make virtual reality affordable, requiring only commodity electronics and software. We are particularly interested in interactive learning games based on virtual worlds, and on projection-based displays which visually immerse the student in the learning space.

    pretty cool solutions has created a database to create static text documents to populate a PHP-driven website. The system will allow collaborators to write and edit articles, review and assign photos and upload shared content.

    The PHP-structure, database, javasript, and css files will be available as an open source project in the upcoming months.

    See a sneak preview of the Pompeii project here. The new build of the website will be up soon. Check it out. This is some really amazing stuff.