Planning a great solution takes the right tools. Our favorite tools are a large white board, graph paper, pencils, rulers, and our ears. Listening, jotting down notes, reviewing needed reports, hearing wish lists and then distilling all these bits and bobs into a meaningful plan.

Clients appreciate receiving a paper version of their data and workflow diagrams before the coding begins. For this we use OmniGraffle.

This template becomes the basis of the development phase. Frequent benchmarks and review periods ensure that the planning document actually reflects the needs of the project. When onsite visits are impractical, we use Timbuktu or another online connectivity tool to share screens and audio.


For traditional server/client desktop applications, pretty cool solutions uses Filemaker 10 as the development environment. Filemaker provides full cross-platform compatibility, connections to other database systems, and offers is a rapid development environment.

When creating web applications, tools we use include a SQL-flavored backend with PHP. Currently we are studying Ruby on Rails and are very enthusiastic about the possibilities of these tools for agile development.

Tools We Use


We have been using Filemaker since version 2.1. Well, we really disliked 2.1, but came back to Filemaker when it hit version 3. Over the years, the power of Filemaker has earned it a permanent place in our toolbox. It is the backbone of our business.

Omni Graffle

We love graphs. And we love seeing data flows on graphs even more. OmniGraffle gives us the right tool to create a visual representation of both a database or web structure.


A straight forward text editor for writing html and php code provided by Bare Bones at no charge.


A new item in the tool box and perfect for working with a Ruby on Rails application.